My name is Iesha Johnson-Robinson and this is my story. I was born and raised in Champaign, IL. Born to Marie Heath and Jerry Exum, I was an exquisite little girl. My mother told me that I would always ask questions about everything when I learned how to talk! I was curious and my curiosity still goes on today. That energy is why I am who I am today! Now, I won’t get into a whole lot of detail as to who I am. I am a mother, wife, grandmother, aunt, sister, niece and daughter. There is a lot of me to spread around and most of the time – I’m spread around! I enjoy being with my family and those that are important to me. I also enjoy helping people as much as I can.


Growing up, we weren’t fed a silver spoon, not even a sparkling one. We were taught that you have to be independent and never depend on others to get you to where you want to go. Those principles were instilled in my from my great grandmother, Janie Mae Johnson. Oh how I miss that lady and her wisdom! It was because of her that I knew there were better ways out there to live. She taught me patience, passion, religion, self-love and how to love on others, even if you didn’t want to. She made me realize, years later, my why! Why am I working on being an independent, entrepreneur and why I want to help others. My goal in life is to see others winning! With so much darkness in the world, I want to be a light to others.

Thank you!

Though this isn’t a book as to who I am, I do thank you for taking the time to read about me and my goals! I hope you found something inspirational in here and I look forward to working or communicating with you!

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